Orbit Folks世界軌跡樂團Anouar(阿努瓦)@台灣大學雅頌坊

1. 阿努瓦 (吳馬丁 作曲)

吳馬丁:低音大提琴 / 黃偉駿:小提琴 / 若池敏弘:塔不拉鼓 / 曾增譯:鋼琴
Anouar取名源自於一位突尼西亞烏德琴(Oud)音樂大師Anouar Brahem,他的中東音樂也給予世界軌跡樂團相當豐沛的靈感及深遠影響。

Anouar (Martijn Vanbuel)

Martijn Vanbuel: double bass / Stephane Huang: violin / Toshihiro Wakaike: tabla / Mike Tseng: piano
Based upon a 7/8 groove commonly used in Eastern European Balkan music, this bright rhythmic melody has become our band's signature piece. You will hear how differently Mike, Stephane and I improvise over the same song. But as distinctively as each of us plays, it always remains true to the overall sound of the group.
The song is named after the Tunisian oud-master Anouar Brahem, whose music is of great inspiration for me and Orbit Folks.